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Copenhagen INK - Interactive And Digital Marketing News
Every media agency today emphasizes the importance of data. But most shops haven’t quite grasped the pulse of data-driven marketing. Ad executives gathered at the 4A’s Data Summit on Tuesday and discussed their biggest challenge in transforming their agency to be a data-driven organization. Major issues include data quality, siloes on the client side as well as the difficulties in finding the right talent. “It’s crap optimized on crap.” Speaking to a room of hundreds of ad executives, Rishad Tobaccowala, strategy and growth officer for Publicis Groupe, noted in his keynote speech that “the way we think about data is all wrong” to the point where major companies still have the mindset of gathering all the data. But the reality is, except for Facebook and Google, no company has good data. The quantity of data doesn’t matter — instead, it’s the insights that are gleaned from the numbers by real people solve problems. “We become so data-obsessed that the whole digital
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